1. Typically, the fencing products available at the big box stores have been manufactured with thinner walls less UV inhibitors and impact modifiers to make them more affordable to the average consumer. These chemicals are expensive parts of the PVC extrusion process so by cheating the amount compromises the strength and durability of the product. All parts we can’t see until it’s too late. A lot of the fencing systems available at the stores are bracketed systems where our is a routed system making for a much stronger, cleaner and finished look. Nvp’s products are manufactured to a high standard for color fastness, durability and impact resistance. Tested to ensure they will last the test of time.

Our primary supplier is National Vinyl Products from Nephi Utah ( 30 mile south of Salt Lake City ). We Buy a lot of Accessories from Weldon Industries, LMT Mercer group and some of our colored fencing comes from Country Estate or Homeland vinyl products who all manufacture their own products,

The base ingredient is a rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride) polymer compound, A high level of titanium dioxide (Ti02) typically 10 parts per 100 for long term, ultraviolet (UV) light resistance and impact modifiers for superior strength. The formulation is like high quality vinyl siding and pvc window frames, which have a proven history of long term durability and structural integrity.

The two most common methods for manufacturing vinyl fencing are a mono-extrusion process that uses one vinyl compound (Virgin Vinyl) and a co-extrusion process that use of two or more vinyl compounds. The best products are made with the co-extrusion process which lets a manufacturer engineer a product with greater strength and durability. For vinyl to have the characteristics necessary for fencing, it must be combined with special additives and modifiers to make it strong and durable. National Vinyl Products contains a formula with UV inhibitors which guards against the sun’s harsh rays and additives that make the vinyl rigid, yet flexible enough to resist cracking or shattering. The term Virgin Vinyl is 100{86a73b1fea827b99bd0e7cbfd39084be21d87d18a62bbb254edfbf54d16e84e3} new vinyl with the UV inhibitors, stabilizers and impact modifiers throughout the entire product just the same but with some limitations.

  1. All our fence systems come with a U-shaped Steel stiffener for every bottom rail. We recommend that all the darker fence colors have stiffeners in both top and bottom rails. Fences being installed in very windy locations should receive 2 stiffeners as well. BVF has a custom Aluminum extrusion made for us for the gate post upright. We use aluminum for this to save on weight and to give a solid place to attach the hinges and latch. We supply L or C shaped steel stiffeners for the Hinge swing posts and the latch posts for all the gates. Aluminum insert are available for the removable post on a set of double RV gates.
  1. Yes both, a standard fence section can be racked 3-4” over 8 ft. For slopes greater than this Basic Vinyl can custom router your posts elongating the holes for steeper angles (some additional costs involved) makes it much easier to install and looks 100x better. A step fence requires more work in fabrication and installation of the posts, extra landscaping to cover up the large pizza slice gaps. Or a stepped top with a bottom rail following the contour of the ground more expenses in material costs.
  1. A ½” gap is left purposely to allow for racking of the panels on slight slopes.
  1. As with most plastic or pvc, it will break in the cold with a direct force or impact. It is normal for Vinyl to expand and contract in temperature changes. NVP products are formulated to handle these changes in temperature.
  1. Yes, is the short truthful answer. Be care full some products on the market reduce the amount of titanium dioxide (Tio2) to reduce costs which prevents damage from the sun. Tio2 is one of the most expensive chemicals in vinyl so to make a more economical product this is an area to save some money. A Normal vinyl fence will fade 3-5{86a73b1fea827b99bd0e7cbfd39084be21d87d18a62bbb254edfbf54d16e84e3} over time under normal conditions, No amount of chemical can prevent this 100{86a73b1fea827b99bd0e7cbfd39084be21d87d18a62bbb254edfbf54d16e84e3}, our sun is harsh.
  1. A Vinyl fence requires very little maintenance, typically an annual bath maybe a gate adjustment and really that should be it.
  1. The upfront cost of a vinyl fence is more, naturally but the overall cost is substantially less. Vinyl comes with a Lifetime warranty, wood does not. Vinyl needs little to no maintenance, wood requires hours of scraping painting or staining every couple of years. Let’s face a wood fence looks good for the first year or so then the maintenance kicks in. Wood is a versatile building material so if you are trying to achieve a very specific design vinyl might not fit the bill.

If you have any other questions I may have not cover please us the contact us page to send your question in and someone will answer it for you.

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